Discover Northern Spain: Romanesque

Between the 10th and 13th centuries, a new artistic aesthetic emerged in the Christian kingdoms of the northern part of the Iberian Peninsula. This first international European style was given the name of Romanesque, owing to the aim of recovering some of the political and cultural unity of the ancient Roman Empire. In Spain, architecture and other arts embarked on a period of prodigious development and were enriched by a range of very diverse characteristics influenced by the arrival of craftsmen from different countries -primarily France and Lombardy- along the Way of Saint James, as well as by the proximity to the Muslim world and the underlying native cultural elements.

Greatness offers you the opportunity of visiting representative and exclusive elements of the Spanish Romanesque, combining it with a gastronomic experience around the route from Ávila (The Cathedral, Church of Santo Tomé El Viejo…) to Bilbao.

Greatness will take you hand in hand with the best experts through Segovia visiting Los Reales Alcazares, having a taste of the Camino de Santiago from Leon, listening to a wonderful Gregorian concert at Monasterio de Silos in Burgos, having an incredible experience tasting some of the best wines of Spain at the original wineries in La Rioja, visiting the stunning monasteries of Palencia and of course, having an incredible meal at the most beautiful towns of Spain, Santillana del Mar and Comillas in Cantabria.

Greatness will invite you to stay as a privileged guest at some of our exclusive and private Greatness homes of the area like El Pinar Country House in Ávila or La Arenera in Comillas among others.

Be part of an incredible cultural experience around the Spanish Heritage.