Discover Extremadura: The Conquerors Route

Greatness offers you the opportunity to discover the secrets of the famous Conqueror´s birthplace, Extremadura.

The journey starts at Trujillo, city where Francisco Pizarro, conqueror of Peru and all the Inca Empire, and Francisco de Orellana, discoverer of the Amazon, were born. Going through the history of the Conqueror´s route you will visit an incredible monumental complex, have a wonderful meal in one of the most exclusive palaces of the city (Duques de San Carlos Palace) and stay at a typical Spanish country house of the area (El Vallejuelo) as a privileged guest. Greatness also invites you to visit Guadalupe, a historic village with cobbled streets and traditional homes, filled with valuable monuments, like the Sanctuary-Monastery of Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe, declared World Heritage. The Yuste Monastery where the emperor Carlos V spent his final years after passing the crown to his son Philip II will put an end to a unique historical journey.

Unfold some of the most special places of Extremadura hand in hand with the best experts.