Betica, the Roman Andalucia

The fertile lands of Andalucía have been the hostess of many civilizations since the earliest time of History. Tartessos, Cartago, Greece, Rome have left a perdurable impromptu on this beautiful land that can still be seen on its arquitecture, sculpture, painting, gastronomy and language.

Greatness offers you the opportunity of focusing in one of the most interesting period: the time when what we call Andalucía (Bética) was a province first of the Roman Republic and later of the Empire. This rich and fertile land was one of the most important providers of the Olive Oil of Rome and was also prolific in providing emperors, philosophers, poets and soldiers to the Roman Empire. Greatness offers you the opportunity of unfolding this ancient world with the help of our best experts with access to our network of private residences and estates.

Available Houses:
“Viscount of Dos Fuentes” House, Sevilla.
Marchioness of Tenorio Palace, Sevilla.

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