Baroque Splendor, Seville

Seville was during more than 300 years the gate between Europe and America. In the XVII century, Seville became one of the major commercial centers of the world attracting all type of merchants, mercenaries, sailors and, of course, artists. Travel through time with Greatness, a great opportunity to discover how Seville looked like in the XVII. Greatness offers you the opportunity of discovering Seville´s Baroque splendor not only through its architecture, sculpture and paintings but also through its music and gastronomy.

Our strong network of partners and collaborators in Seville allows us to offer a unique experience by giving you access to our private residences such as the Palace of   Marchioness of Tenorio, owned by the Fitz James Stuart Family or foundations/museums such as Focus Foundation where you visit on an exclusive basis the Casa Velazquez accompanied by our best experts. Enjoy an organ concert in its beautiful chapel painted by Valdes Leal and his son in the XVII century and visit brotherhoods such as The Silent Brotherhood where you admire some of the most beautiful churches and sculptures (“pasos”) always accompanied by or network of experts and collaborators.

Available Houses:

“Vizconde Dos fuentes” House, Sevilla.

Marchioness of Tenorio Palace, Sevilla.

Cortijo Majaloba, Sevilla