Spain, without a doubt, is home to one of the best culinary temples in the world. With countless denominaciones de origen, each region has its own delicacies to enjoy.

At GREATNESS we realize that an excellent culinary experience is essential to the enjoyment of any holiday. We place huge emphasis on ensuring that we provide the very highest gastronomic standards to your stay.

We are proud partners of Alejandra Ansón and her team of Ellite Gourmet. Thanks to Alejandra, Greatness offers its discerning customers the most exclusive gastronomic accesses.

Some of the culinary experiences Greatness can offer you:

A sophisticated meal by a world known chef –   Come and enjoy a private lunch or dinner at one of our idyllic Greatness locations cooked by the best “Michelin star” Spanish chefs.

Tasting the Spanish flavors – Live the experience of a wine or oil tasting at the typical Spanish winery or oil tree plantation, followed by an incredible meal, tasting all the homemade and gourmet products of the region guided by an expert on the field.

Outdoor luncheons – Savor an incredible picnic with the best Spanish products, next to a pond or next to the banks of the Tajo river… Always enjoying stunning and privileged views over the beautiful landscapes.

A cooking class in a privileged atmosphere – If you are looking for something different, sign up to a cooking class of regional cuisine. Let yourself in the hands of the best chefs so that you learn the secrets of Mediterranean cuisine. Afterwards enjoy your own dishes with your friends in one of our wonderful dining rooms.