Greatness offers a wide variety of activities in Spain that satisfy all levels of interests. From walking and hiking to shooting and fishing, Each of Greatness houses offers a great selection of activities as they are perfect locations to enjoy Spain’s unique culture and treasures.  Our team organizes unforgettable experiences where everything is taken care of.  Our travel consultants work closely with you to ensure that all your needs and requirements are taken into account and matched with the most suitable property.   As part of this consultation process, your travel consultant will suggest original, entertaining and appropriate local indoor and outdoor activities that are available.

Some of the activities that are available near our properties are:

– Spanish Horse ““ Spain, specifically Andalucía, is a quality model for all horse lovers all over the world.  In the XVIth century, King Philip II, entrusted the 1st Marquis of El Carpio the creation of the Royal Stables of Córdoba, where they brought together the best stud horses and mares from the lands bordering the Guadalquivir River. This was the origin of what is known as the pure spanish race horse.

The devotion to the search of excellence in this animal, worldwide admired for its expressiveness and the elegance of its movements, is still the motto of many breeders mostly settled in the areas of Jerez and Córdoba.  We can organize from horse riding routes to visits to the most important horse breeders, “doma vaquera” or country dressage.

– Pure Flamenco –   Song, dance, guitar, rhythm”¦ you can breathe flamenco in Spain with all its passion and emotion. Flamenco is not a touristic attraction. It is part of our daily life, part of our character.  We invite you to discover it truly. From the professional shows of the “Tablaos” or Festivals of reputed artists, to the “Peñas” (local associations) and bars where spectators jump into stage to dance or sing showing their passion for this thrilling art.

We will show you the magic triangle of Seville-Cádiz-Jerez, birthplace of the flamenco, but also other regions in Spain, each one with their own character.

– Hunting – The hunting tradition goes back in Spain to the beginning of our history. The topography and climate have developed a wide range of species that go from the red deer in the meadows to the ibex in the mountains or the fallow deer, roe deer, wild board or wild sheep which complete the hunting diversity of our country.

Special attention needs to be given without doubt, to the red partridge, ducks and other species that compose the shooting modalities. The ways of hunting are also most varied and we offer them all to you.

– Fly fishing – It’s not surprising that fly-fishing has become an obsession for many, as the sport allows you to have an intimate contact with some of the world’s most untouched regions. Cantabria, in northern Spain, is still an undiscovered destination for many, rewarding and beautiful, you can fish from trout, Atlantic salmon or sea trout to carp, barbel, wels catfish, pike, bass, bonito, bluefish, tuna and even white marlin.

At Greatness we offer the luxury of a traditional Spanish property combined with some of the best fly fishing hand in hand with best –in-class local experts. Castillo de Caldas or Palacio de los Hornillos are the right places to look.

– Brave Bulls in freedom  – Brave bulls are one of the symbols of Spain but strange enough they are mainly known through their most controversial side: The moment of their death at the bullring.

However, what is unknown to most people is the beauty, respect and love that involves the breading and life of this magnificent animal.

Hundreds of people in Spain devote their lives to the preservation of this unique race that already coexisted with men in pre-historical times. The brave bull lives in freedom in the countryside during 6 full years, time during which, it”™s taken care of according to ancestral traditions full of respect and worship to the bull.

We will visit the most prestigious “ganaderías” (breading farms) and talk to their owners and bullfighters to discover this fascinating world.

– Golf Experience –  With more than 300 days of sunshine a year in parts of the country, Spain is the perfect place to practice golf. No wonder it has become the leader golf destination in Europe with the larger number of golf courses.

 Motor  – A thrilling driving experience is always a good ally in travel experiences. From off-road trips on a 4×4 that will take us to the most remote places to driving trips on classic cars or the best sport cars to take you from one town to the other.

Yachts or sailing boats –  The Mediterranean sea or the Atlantic ocean offer countless possibilities for enjoying water activities. We offer the possibility of practicing the most active water sports such as kite surf, waterski or jetski, or enjoying the best sailing boats or yachts.