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The Camellia Route: “Pazos” and Gardens full with history

It is unknown whether Marco Polo brought camellias as a souvenir from China. If he did so, he unknowingly pioneered the first pilgrim camellia that found a home in the aristocratic gardens of the Galician “Pazos”.

The English and Dutch were applied to study with enthusiasm the properties of the leaves, and in the mean time the discarded flowers arrived in their ships to London and Lisbon. And from there, renamed as camellias in honor of a Jesuit missionary, arrived to Galicia.

Centuries later the only route in Europe dedicated to discover the more than 8,000 varieties of camellias, housed in streets and squares of the towns of Galicia, was created. A journey from garden to garden, from pazo to pazo, that gives light to the landscape and soul of Galicia.

Our proposal takes us through this evocative journey from northern to southern Galicia through manors and gardens where the varieties of Camellia reign in their entire splendor. As examples, the “Camellia reticulata” found in the impressive Pazo de Oca, is perhaps the oldest in Europe. Or the Camellias at Pazo de la Saleta, brought by an Englishman in 1968 and that perfectly adapted to the environment.

Finally, at Pazo del Sar, we will enjoy a nineteenth century French garden in perfect condition. The old vineyards surrounded by more than 50 species of fruit trees bring us back lost flavors.

Pazos and landscapes in an elegant decadence, authentic bothanical gardens created with care and wisdom that will discover you their beauty secrets.

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Pazo del Sar, La Coruña, Galicia