An untapped destination for fly fishing in Spain: Cantabria

It’s not surprising that fly-fishing has become an obsession for many, as the sport allows you to have an intimate contact with some of the world’s most untouched regions. Great lodging near prime fishing spots, the sustainable and bloodless practice of catch-and-release, the intrigue of the hunt, and the in-depth instruction now being offered have all contributed to the great popularity of the sport. Some consider fly-fishing an intellectual exercise, others pure physical enjoyment. All who try the sport, however, seem to agree that few experiences can match presenting the fly to the fish, which then values the effort by picking the bait.

It is true that many foreign anglers know about fly fishing in Spain through the popularity of the Pyrenees, and really they are spectacular, but there is much more to be discovered across the country, as far south as Andalusia.

Cantabria is also an undiscovered destination for many, rewarding and beautiful, you can fish from trout, atlantic salmon or sea trout to carp, barbel, wels catfish, pike, bass, bonito, bluefish, tuna and even white marlin. High mountain rivers nestled in natural landscapes of great beauty witnesses to really a important cultural past, where the Romanesque and Gothic arts take on a special role, and some of these rivers are also crossed by the famous St. James Pilgrim’s Way.

The luxury of a traditional Spanish property can be combined with some of the best fly fishing hand in hand with the best local experts like José H Welgand, a true professional in every aspect of angling. Castillo de Caldas or Palacio de los Hornillos, are dream places to stay at while enjoying the sport. Taking time to learn and explore this northern region is a must.

Fly fishing in Spain

Castillo de Caldas, Cantabria

For golf lovers

With an extraordinary climate, Spain is the number one golf destination in Europe with award-winning resorts across the whole territory.

With more than 45 courses, Costa del Sol is indeed a golfer’s paradise. My favorite top Courses include 1997 Ryder Cup Venue, Valderrama Golf, the Volvo World Match Play Championship course for three years in a row, Finca Cortesin, or Real Club Sotogrande that commonly ranks in Europe’s top ten. The Greve Villa is a unique property close to the golf clubs and the perfect base to enjoy the cosmopolitan life of Sotogrande.

In the North of Spain, you can find familiar favorites such as the Pedreña golf course, the homeland of the legendary Severiano Ballesteros. It is situated in one of the most beautiful regions Cantabria between pinewood forests and with magnificent views of the bay of Santander. For its location, panorama and aesthetic, Pedreña is one of a kind. To round up a great experience discovering the north, I recommend staying at the exclusive Los Hornillos Palace, the mansion where Alejandro Amenábar filmed “The Others” with Nicole Kidman in 2001.