Satrustegui Tower

Satrustegui Tower

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Located in San Sebastian  (View  map)

The Satrústegui Tower was built in 1884 by Baron Satrústegui, Don Joaquín Marcos de Satrústegui y Bris. It sits on the Igueldo mount hillside and owns one of the most spectacular views of the city of San Sebastian and its bay La Concha. With no doubt, it is one of the most impressive buildings that overlook the bay.A representative example of eclectic architecture with a historical feel, the tower is surrounded by a magnificent tree-garden designed by the well-known landscaper Ducasse. Together with Miramar Palace, Satústregui Tower is directly inspired in the English Renaissance of the 17th Century, even though it was built two centuries later.

Its privileged position on the slopes of Mount Igueldo is most likely its most important feature. Facing east and protected from the wind on the most pronounced hillock, the palace sits on a plain base that frames it and enhances its beauty.

The most characteristic feature of the place is a pair of sanstone octagonal towers with battlemented finish. The side facing the bay is composed of the double staircase, the gallery, the upper terrace and three story ceiling with a central coat of arms. On the inside, the main floor is spread around the central stairwell and decorated with wooden floors and paneling. In 1920 the architect Francisco Urcola designed an extension of the building with a viewing ledge on the north side.