Santa Clotilde Palace

Santa Clotilde Palace

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Located in Costa Brava, Gerona (View map)

A lonely coastal line full of vineyards and vegetation became, over time, the lost paradise of the Marquis of Roviralta. In 1919 a man with passion for botany and gardening came to this spot in the Costa Brava. He promised to himself that there would create the garden he always dreamed about and the place where he would live. And he truly did.

The Santa Clotilde Property was created by the Marquis of Santa Clotilde of Roviralta in 1933.  His title was granted by Pope Pius XII in 1951, due to the great social work Dr. Roviralta did thoughout his career.

Impressed by the beauty of the landscape, at a time when the coast was not regarded as a point of interest, the Marquis of Roviralta bought the land where he begun to create the Garden. He was inspired by the gardens of Villa d’Este in Tivoli, Italy. The house, like the Garden, has Italian influences. The main aim of its creator was to create a Garden with a variety of Green colors. The house facing the sea was a completely advanced project for the era it was built. The sculptures flanking the house and garden have neoclassical influences and were acquired by the Marquis along his travels around Europe. The current owners, the Roviralta Family, ensure that the Property continues to maintain their own style and design that make it unique and exceptional.