Quintana Palatial House

Quintana Palatial House

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Located in Quintana Redonda, Soria (View map)

This Palatial House in the Castilian highlands dates back to the 18th Century and is still in use today. The estate offers excellent accommodation, fabulous gardens, a hunt and event space, all side by side. The surrounding gardens offer the perfect location for exclusive celebrations and special events.

This exquisite property is now owned by Pilar González de Gregorio y Álvarez de Toledo, a member of the oldest Ducal House in Spain, the Medina Sidonia.  The Family Palace, known as “El Palacio” was built at the end of the 18th Century by Juan Baltasar Gonzalez de Gregorio, and has remained in the family since.

It started life as a wool laundry, but in the early 20th Century the house and stables were refurbished in a more French style by one of the descendants.

The main building is used as residence and has three main wings. The surroundings of the Palace offer a fabulous array of facilities, including a tennis court and swimming pool.  In addition, the gardens themselves offer the perfect relaxing space.