Montarco Palace

Montarco Palace

3 bedrooms, sleeps 6 guests / events

Located in Ciudad Rodrigo, Salamanca  (View map)

The Montarco Palace is located in the midst of the historic center of Ciudad Rodrigo (Salamanca).  It is a perfect combination of classic and modern elements. The restrained and stately style of its elegant halls, the galleries and the central cloister with its 500 years of History, its romantic gardens, together with state-of-the-art equipment and facilities and an extensive offer of haute cuisine, allow events to become unique, unforgettable experiences.

The History of Montarco Palace dates back to 1499, when Francisco Hernández de Ávila y Tiedra, the mayor of Ciudad Rodrigo at the time, had this Palace-Home erected in the gothic and plateresque style. The Palace, alongside the Casa de las Conchas in Salamanca, is one of the hallmarks of Renaissance civilian architecture in Salamanca, as well as being a reference point on a national scale.

In the War of Independence against the troops of Napoleon, General Pérez Herrasti used the Palace as his headquarters. It was also used by General Wellington, Duke of Ciudad Rodrigo and a national hero.

In 2007, a new owner who loves the city and the Palace decided to restore it in order to use it publicly, opening it up to the inhabitants of Ciudad Rodrigo and dedicating it to the celebration of events. Two years were spent carefully restoring it. In order to maintain the spirit of over five hundred years of History, maximum respect for the architecture and decorative elements was combined with the incorporation of new items required for present day comfort.