Marques de Cartagena

Marques de Cartagena

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Located in Granada (View map)

Marqués de Cartagena is located in the centre of Granada near the Cathedral. It is designed as a typical Andalusian manorial house from the 17th-18th Century.The house belonged to an Irish General who, during the religious persecutions in Britain came to Granada and after obtaining Spanish citizenship, became the Military Governor. He was related to the principal families of Granada at the time, among which was the Montijo family whose daughter Eugenia became the Empress of France.

During the 19th Century, the house passed on to some relatives in whose family it still remains. At the beginning of the 20th Century the distinguished intellectual “Conde de las Infantas”, Director of Fine Arts during the kingdom of Alfonso XIII, lived the house which became a meeting point for painters, musicians, intellectuals and artists. The upper part of the house, although usually closed to the public, could easily be mistaken as a museum due to the large number of fine paintings, china and valuable objects acquired by him.

The ground floor, typically Andalusian, is comprised of two patios. The main patio is surrounded by columns and is crowned by a fountain made of marble from Sierra Elvira (near Granada). In the galleries of this patio, we can find a bust of the Pope Pio XX made of marble from Carrara, a gift from the Pope to the General Narváez, Duke of Valencia. The walls are decorated with ancient tiles of a marked Arab influence, present in most Andalusian constructions.

The second patio shows a stone designed floor typical of Granada and is the access to the old stables. Here we can see old laundries from the 18th Century and a beautiful reproduction of the “Justice Door of the Alhambra” built in the 19th Century for children´s games.

Nowadays the house is declared of historical and architectural interest by the City-Hall of Granada.