Los Hornillos Palace

Los Hornillos Palace

6 bedrooms, sleeps 11 guests / events

Located in Las Fraguas, Cantabria  (View map)

Besides being one of the few examples of Victorian Architecture in Spain, this house is considered to be the architectural precedent for the construction of Magdalena’s Royal Palace in Santander, built for their majesties King Alfonso XIII and his wife Victoria Eugenia.Los Hornillos Palace was built by Ralph Selden Wornam, a British architect, at the beginning of the 19th century for the Duke of Santo Mauro’s family. The Duke of Santo Mauro held one of the most prominent positions within the Royal House, as Lord Chamberlain and therefore the King and Queen stayed at Las Fraguas many times during the summer season.

The house is surrounded by a stunning park and gardens with a pond, rose garden and century trees beautifully displayed over thirty hectares.

Nowadays “Los Hornillos” belongs to the Duke’s great-grandson, the Marquis of Santa Cruz. This house has recently attracted some film producers, being the setting of the famous movie “The others” with Nicole Kidman.