Fain Viejo Country House

Fain Viejo Country House

10 bedrooms, sleeps 20 guests / events

Located in Arcos de la Frontera,  Cádiz (View map)

This impeccable property has recently undergone a major refurbishment, which has turned Fain Viejo into a splendid and refined villa, keeping all the flavor of its history, but combining it with modern amenities. Its rooms are decorated with antiques and art, and its 5 acres of gardens filled with olive, orange, lemon, fig, pomegranate and palm trees, preserve its Hispanic-Arab flavor. 

From its remote Arab origins, Fain Viejo has always been an important property in the region. Arcos de la Frontera, as its name indicates, was for many years a border frontier and a place of constant battles between Moors and Christians. This explains the existence of numerous legends of hidden treasures in the region. Most famous is the legend of Fain Viejo. Apparently, “the treasure of Fain consists of solid and innumerable gold bars”. The treasure has never been found!

 Fain, an Arab name that comes from Ain, meaning water or spring, exhibits one of the most important facades of rural Andalusian architecture. At the top of the inner door there is an inscription that says reads: “Oleum effessum nomen tuum” (your name is like spilled oil). Seventy years ago the adjective “old” (Viejo) was added to the name of this grand rural building when its façade was copied for the construction of another building on the original property.  This building is now the club house for the nearby golf course.   The property still conserves its spring, its old olive oil press, its orchard, gardens and palms, part of its olive grove, and its magnificent and legendary Ombu tree.