El Vallejuelo Country House

El Vallejuelo Country House

9 bedrooms, sleeps 18 guests / events 

Located in Cáceres, Extremadura  (View map)

“Discover the Treasures from Extremadura staying at one of the most exclusive private properties in the area.”

Situated in the heart of Extremadura, Land of the Spanish Conquistadores, this wonderful countryside home offers a unique experience to the visitor. Owned by the Count of Guadalhorce, he and his family have created a small paradise out of an old stable that will allow the visitor to enjoy the authentic experience of the Spanish countryside.

Its beautiful garden filled with colours and scents were designed by the Countess and along with the pool is the best place to relax while enjoying delicious appetizers from the local gastronomy and the house farm. During the winter, all the fire places of the house create a peaceful and relaxing ambiance where the library becomes the most popular room of the house.

The landscape that surrounds El Vallejuelo offers spectacular seasonal views, perfect scenery to enjoy and discover walking or horse riding. The house service lead by María and Francisco will always be ready to attend the needs of the guests.