El Santo Country House

El Santo Country House

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Located in Madrid  (View map)

Historic country house located in Aldea del Frenso, 45 min from Madrid. Dating from the reign of King Philip II, whose palace was built by Don Juan de Herrera, the court architect.La Granja de San Saturnino as it was known for its ancient chapel dedicated to this saint and its surrounding lands, already belonged to  the Jerónimos from the Monastery of Guadalupe from the fifteenth century and at the sixteenth century the Crown purchased it to provide oil, fodder and wine to the Jerónimos of the Monastery of El Escorial.

Most of the buildings are from that time, such as the Palace, the Hermitage of Herrerian style, the impressive oil press room and the wine cellar.

In the late nineteenth century, Mr. Alonso Jiménez Cantero, known political figure at that time acquires “El Santo” with the noble title of Marquis of La Granja de San Saturnino. This character moves to London and is the Marquis of Viesca de la Sierra who acquires the property, which is in his family for five generations, until is taken over by the current owners.

The property has a spectacular artistic, historical and natural heritage.

Proof of this is the remarkable collection of porcelain with “El Santo” print dating the XVI century, the magnificent antique set of furniture or the natural contrast between mountains and sown fields that give life to an extended fauna variety.