El Pinar Country House

El Pinar Country House

9 bedrooms, sleeps 17 guests / events

Located in Ávila  (View map)

This wonderful property of the Marquis of Valdueza is located outside the fortified city of Ávila. The splendid Country House has been owned by the same family for centuries, passed down from father to son. Today it is held by the Alvarez de Toledo family.It was built by the Archdeacon Don Pedro Daza at the end of the 15th century. It was also the birthplace of Don Sancho Dávila y Daza, Commandant in chief of the Spanish Army and the Lieutenant of the Grand Duke of Alba, Don Fernando Alvaréz de Toledo, during the battles of Flanders and Portugal.

The House is surrounded by a large garden and park with magnificent oaks, many of which are several centuries old. Inside the house there are many paintings and ornamental elements which have been kept over generations to the present time.

The nearby fortified city of Ávila, is worth visiting to enjoy its cathedral, its many churches and palaces, as well as its restaurants and golf course.