Duques de Villahermosa Palace

Duques de Villahermosa Palace

7 bedrooms, sleeps 8 guests / events

Located in Pedrola,  Zaragoza (View Map)

This house, located in the province of Zaragoza in Spain, is home to one of the oldest families in Spain, the Duke of Villahermosa´s family, whose origins can be traced to Alonso de Aragón, brother of King Ferdinand the Catholic and First Duke of Villahermosa. The house was built on top of an older castle and the actual building dates from the 16th Century. It is surrounded by an 11 hectare estate and hosts an extensive collection of artwork and history.

There is even evidence that Miguel de Cervantes (when writing his most famous book Don Quixote de la Mancha) was inspired by this house and the Dukes inhabiting it in that period, when in the second book Don Quixote encounters and is host to a Duke and a Duchess while passing through Aragon.

The house also hosts an extensive art collection of old Masters paintings from Spanish, Flemish and Italian schools. There are works by Goya, Mengs, Sorolla, Veronese, Perugino, Rolam de Mois, Pantoja de la Cruz, and Madrazo.