Art Nouveau Country House

Art Nouveau Country House

12 bedrooms, sleeps 24 guests / events

Located in Sigüenza,  Guadalajara  (View map)

This Country House is found in a vast private estate which spreads over 1,200 hectares (about 3 million acres) within the Henares river valley, in the heartlands of Spain.

It constitutes the surroundings of the medieval city of Sigüenza, located in the Castilla La Mancha region. It is a historic natural reserve, which has a spot in the inventory of royal places to hunt.

The main villa was built in Art Nouveau style at the end of the 19th century by the Duke of Pastrana and it has been completely refurbished recently to meet the most demanding requisites of modern comfort.

At the time of construction, a private railway station was also opened by the National railroad company inside the estate, near the villa. This station enabled important people from the Madrid political scene to visit the place in comfort. Even Regent Queen María Cristina of Habsburgo and King Alfonso XIII visited the house several times and enjoyed the private and secluded mineral waters. These waters are now bottled as natural mineral water in the estate itself, under the brand Font Vella Sigüenza- the market leader in Spain. This is the very same water that serves the house, for cooking, drinking, washing, showering, and bathing.

The most predominant botanical species are the Oak and the Holm Oak, together with the Ash, Poplar, Weeping Willows, and Centenary Lime trees, which can be found all along the river. Near the villa, some ancient samples of the flora that shaped the gardens and the promenades back in the 19th Century can still be found including Blackberry trees, Indian Chestnut trees, Banana trees, Hazelnut trees, Walnut trees, Acacia trees.

The fauna includes typical species of the Iberian Peninsula such as Falcons, Goshawks, Herons, and Vultures that nest in the rills of the Henares valley.  This is also where the female roe deer breeds her little puppies and the wild boar reigns. Other species such as Martens, Stone Martens, Weasels, Badgers, Civet cats, live in the estate as well. There are also foxes and, in the coldest winter nights, the startling howl of the wolf can be heard.

For those wanting to get involved during their stay, why not enjoy a Cordon Bleu cooking class with the daughter of the owner.  Alternatively for a more outdoor experience enjoy a 4×4 ride around the property, go horse riding, bird watching or foraging for mushrooms and berries.